Rider Stories

We love hearing what riders have to say about the new Rapid service. What do you love about Rapid? Share your story with us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at rapidinfo@sdmts.com.

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“Riding Rapid, I'm going to save about $125 a month! As a bonus, my chiropractor commented that my neck, back, and shoulders weren't as tight and knotted up as they have been, so I'm thinking there are also some health benefits from the reduced stress of not having to drive so much nor deal with traffic.”

-Donna M.


Rider Picture“I’m in love with the new Rapid. I've been riding my bike to and from the Rapid stations since Rapid first launched. In four months, I have:

  • pocketed $1,688 that would have otherwise gone to my SUV
  • not had to deal with rush hour traffic stress
  • not guzzled 216 gallons of gas
  • not contributed to the traffic congestion on the I-15 corridor
  • got enough exercise from the cycling to bring me down to goal weight.”

-Glen R.

Rider PictureRapid 235 is super convenient, especially now that the Miramar College Transit Station is open. Rapid takes me from the Transit Center to within walking distance of my job in Downtown San Diego. Rapid stops 1/2 block from my daughter's preschool. In the evening, we ride Rapid together. She loves the trip and looks forward to it every day.”

-Ron K.

This couple from Orange County made a car-free trip to San Diego and enjoyed One Sweet Ride on Rapid!  After they arrived at Santa Fe Depot via Amtrak, they hopped on Rapid 215 to spend the morning in Balboa Park and later took Rapid Downtown for lunch on the Embarcadero.