How To Ride

It’s easy to ride on Rapid. All Rapid vehicles accept Compass Cards or cash for fares.  The fare box and Compass Card validator are located right at the front of the vehicle next to the driver, who will be happy to help you.

Compass Card

The fastest way to travel is with a Compass Card, which can be purchased and loaded with a pass at any Albertsons, The Transit Store, or at rail ticket vending machines. When loaded with a pass, just tap your Compass Card on the validator, sit down in one of the comfortable, cushioned seats, and enjoy the hands-free ride. Text your friends, send some emails to get the workday started, or just relax with a book or newspaper. Riding Rapid is easy and relaxing.

SDMTS Compass Card


Text to GOMTS

Rapid also takes the guess work out of riding. Many stations are equipped with electronic signage to indicate the next arrival time.  Also, take note of the stop number located on the Rapid route sign. By texting that number to GOMTS (46687), MTS will immediately respond with the next arrival time. Wherever you are, send a text and you’ll know exactly how long until the next vehicle arrives at your stop. 

SDMTS Station